Inspection, cleaning, and flush twice per year. Includes inspection of the water heater(s), water softener, and other specialized water filters.

Did You Know…

The national average cost to repair a water heater is a whopping $587, while water softener repairs cost $525 with some repairs upwards of $2000 or more for larger systems or more complex problems. Avoid costly repairs with regular maintenance through HomeKeep.

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The tasks we perform and why they are important for your home:

  • Inspect water heater temperature, pressure release, fittings, base, valves, pipe insulation

    Inspecting water heater components allows for the detection of warning signs like corrosion or sediment buildup, which will lead to greater problems if left unaddressed.

  • Inspect water color and smell

    Common causes of water heater odor are bacteria growth or an accumulation of burnt dust and debris, while a brown discoloration can suggest corrosion exists somewhere along the pipeline.

  • Drain and/or flush water heater(s)

    Draining helps flush out mineral and debris buildup to prevent clogs and malfunctions.

  • Clean water softener brine tank

    Cleaning sediment that settles at the bottom of the brine tank helps prevent these impurities from entering the water softener which can cause malfunctions.

  • Inspect level and fill water softener brine tank with salt

    Maintaining the proper level of salt in the brine tank ensures the water softener will function optimally.

  • Clean salt bridges from water softener brine tank

    Salt bridges are hard crusts of salt that form over the water in the brine tank and can cause improper regeneration, which leads to hard water.

  • Change or clean reverse osmosis and/or other specialized water filters

    Cleaning the filters ensures they properly filter out dirt, sand, other sediments, and chlorine, which can all damage membranes that perform the osmosis process, located further along in the system.

Common Questions

A typical water heater flush costs around $100 per visit. HomeKeep water heater flushes are included with all other services in our maintenance bundles that start at just $399 per year.

Yes, water heater flushes are recommended due to the variety of sediment that can build up with use. Some sediment if left can lead to rust, which can destroy the unit and require a total replacement. If you never flush your water heater it can lead to larger-scale damage to all plumbing lines feeding into and around the home.

It’s recommended that a water heater is flushed at least once per year. homekeep™ performs water heater flushes along with water softener cleanings and salt re-fills (as needed) at each twice-yearly appointment.

Signs that your water heater has sediment are occasional “popping” noises from the tank and your water taking longer to heat up.