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    Answers to common questions about homekeep

    What is homekeep™?


    HomeKeep is a tech-enabled subscription service that provides homeowners with convenient ongoing home maintenance and easy access to home information. We help homeowners maintain their homes conveniently and affordably by:

    • Cataloging and registering all major home products (appliances, mechanicals, etc.)
    • Creating accessible home product information and maintenance records
    • Setting up quarterly maintenance appointments and inspections
    • Configuring ongoing maintenance plans that fit the unique needs of each home

    While many homeowners perform some level of home upkeep, the full to-do list of maintenance tasks is surprisingly long and costly. We take care of everything that must be done over the course of a year, to ensure your home is kept in pristine condition – from well-known items like changing air filters to the unexpected… Did you know that ceiling fan direction should be changed seasonally to help heat or cool your home?

    With HomeKeep, you’ll save time and money, and gain peace of mind that your home is well-cared for

    How does homekeep work?


    HomeKeep combines technology and services. After you pick the right package for your home type, you simply download our mobile application (iOS or Android), set up your first appointment to have your home products cataloged, and receive quarterly maintenance appointments thereafter.


    During the initial home cataloging appointment, we perform a walk-through of your home collecting the information needed to register your major home components with the manufacturers and to customize the ideal annual home maintenance package. We then organize all your home product details in the app for you to refer to at any time.


    Once your home has been cataloged and your package is set up, we will notify you (by email and in-app) when it’s time to service a part of your home. You then select an appointment at a time that works for you and provide any important notes (access information, etc.) right in the HomeKeep app. On the day of your appointment, the maintenance specialist will notify you when they are on the way.


    Each appointment includes dozens of important home maintenance tasks, as well as a thorough inspection for preventative care. After each appointment is complete, you will receive a full report of all completed work and be notified of any items that need to be addressed sooner than your next appointment. This information is stored in the app providing easy-to-access home maintenance records.


    Need help at any time? Along with general support, you will be assigned a personal human concierge to assist with any follow-up tasks, problems, or questions you may have.

    How much does homekeep cost?


    Our packages are based on the size of your home and are offered with both monthly or annual options. See our Plans & Pricing page for more detail.

    Which specific markets does homekeep operate in?


    Currently, HomeKeep is offered in the Madison, WI area only. However, we plan to expand into new markets soon. The Madison service area is defined by the following zip codes:


    Brooklyn – 53521
    Cambridge – 53523
    Cottage Grove – 53527
    Cross Plains – 53528
    Deerfield – 53531
    Deforest – 53532
    Mc Farland – 53558
    Marshall – 53559
    Middleton – 53562
    Morrisonville – 53571
    Oregon – 53575
    Stoughton – 53589
    Sun Prairie – 53590
    Verona – 53593
    Waunakee – 53597
    Windsor – 53598
    Madison – 53703, 53704, 53706, 53706, 53711, 53713, 53714, 53715, 53716, 53717, 53718, 53719, 53726

    What specific types of maintenance work does homekeep provide?


    An overview of maintenance tasks performed over the course of a year are as follows:


    Heating, Venting, & Air Conditioning (HVAC):

    Inspect and adjust belt and lubricate motor, clean AC condenser unit, clean drain pans, drain lines, evaporator coils, cooling coils, radiators, return air grills, floor registers, and system debris


    Clean/change filters, deep clean dryer lint trap and lint screen, clean exhaust vent, vent pipe, and cap


    Water Softener(s):

    Clean salt bridges, brine tank, and resin tank; add salt to water softener brine tank


    Clean/change refrigerator filter(s), clean condenser coils and drain holes, change RO filters, change water and air filters, clean range burners, change dishwasher filter, door seals, clean spray arm; clean/change range hood filters and fans

    Water Heater(s):

    Drain/lush tank, clean tank sediment, test pressure release valve

    Detectors & Safety:

    Test smoke, carbon monoxide, and Radon detectors/remediation, inspect fire extinguisher pressure, replace batteries in detectors


    Test GFCI/GFI receptacles, breakers, panel, and outlets

    Seasonal Updates:

    Adjust humidity and ceiling fan direction, cover/uncover air conditioner, connect/disconnect hoses, water, and drain lines, install/remove storm windows

    Air Health & Humidity:

    Clean/change humidifier filter, condensation drain, heat exchange core, fans, grilles, duct ends, and air return vents; lubricate HRV/ERV/Air-to-Air fans; adjust humidity

    Sump Pump(s):

    Clean sump pump inlet screen and sump, lubricate pump bearings

    Plumbing & Ventilation:

    Exercise main water shut-off and shutoffs to plumbing fixtures

    Doors, Cabinets & Windows:

    Lubricate interior door hinges and adjust pins, lubricate and align cabinet doors, window hinges, and sliding tracks


    Clean fireplace glass, debris, pilot, and burners


    Clean rails and sensors, tighten and lubricate rails and hinges, adjust threshold, align sensors, and test safety features

    External Vents & Systems:

    Clean external air vents/ducts/screens, HVAC systems, and window wells; level air conditioner

    Who are the maintenance people coming into my home?


    Our "homekeepers" are experts in home upkeep. They typically come from a background in home inspection and/or are well-trained handymen. Each specialist goes through rigorous training, covering every area of the home upkeep process and general maintenance inspection, and maintains in-depth product knowledge (consistent with manufacturer recommendations).


    Additionally, each homekeep maintenance specialist must maintain the cultural requirements of the business. They must be knowledgeable, courteous, helpful, and have the same level of passion for taking care of homes as we do.

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