10 Services. 2 In-Home Checkups Per Year. 1 Low Price.

Comprehensive preventative home maintenance including furnace and air conditioning service, dryer vent cleaning, hot water heater service and more.

Included Services


Service 1:

Furnace Cleaning & Tune-Up

Inspection, cleaning, and filter changes twice per year. Covers furnace, fireplace, and other home heating/ventilation system components, connections, and settings.

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Service 2:

Air Conditioning Cleaning & Tune-Up

Inspection, cleaning, and filter replacement twice per year.

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Service 3:

Appliance Cleaning & Tune-Up

Inspection, cleaning, and filter replacements twice per year. Includes refrigerator, freezer, range, and dishwasher.

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Service 4:

Laundry System & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Inspection, cleaning, and filter changes twice per year. Includes both washer and dryer systems.

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Service 5:

Sink & Disposal Cleaning

Inspection and cleaning twice per year. Includes sink, sink drains, p-traps, aerators, and garbage disposal.

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Service 6:

Water Heater Flush & Water Softener Clean & Fill

Inspection, cleaning, and flush twice per year. Includes inspection of the water heater(s), water softener, and other specialized water filters.

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Service 7:

Sump & Waste Water Verification

Inspection and service twice per year. Includes sump pump, inlet screen, and backflow preventer.

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Service 8:

Door, Window & Garage Inspection + Tune-Up

Inspection, adjustments, and lubrication twice per year. Includes cabinets, windows, hinged doors, and sliding door tracks. Also Includes the garage door threshold, sensors, rails, hinges, and roller wheels.

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Service 9:

Home Health Testing & Safety Inspections

Inspection, testing, and digital reporting twice per year. Includes air and water quality testing, smoke and CO2 detector inspections, radon system operation checks, and basic structural inspections.

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Service 10:

Warranty Lookup & Registration

Our team will automatically register all your major home appliances during our initial visit to ensure you receive full manufacturer warranty coverage and a organized digital archive of all product specifications and available user manuals.

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