• Summer Home Maintenance Services

    Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

    Our annual service plans include the following comprehensive list of recommended summertime tasks, test and inspections for your home.

  • Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

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  • Summertime Tasks

    • Clean dishwasher filters
    • Change and/or clean refrigerator water filter(s)
    • Change and/or clean HRV systems and components
    • Change and/or clean furnace filter
    • Clean dishwasher door seals and spray arm(s)
    • Change and/or clean refrigerator freshness filter(s)
    • Clean garbage disposal(s)
    • Clean HVAC cooling coils
    • Clean HVAC drain lines
    • Clean HVAC drain pans
    • Clean HVAC evaporator coils
    • Clean dryer lint trap and lint screen
    • Clean radiators
    • Clean gas range burner ignitions and gas holes
    • Clean and/or change range hood filters and fan(s)
    • Clean refrigerator condenser coil(s)
    • Clean and/or replace washing machine filter(s)
    • Clean and/or clear faucet aerators
    • Clean and/or clean sink drains
    • Exercise electrical breakers
    • Fill water softener brine tank with salt
    • Remove calcium build-up around faucets
    • Tighten and lubricate garage door rails, hinges and roller wheels
    • Clean and vacuum bathroom exhaust fan grills
    • Clean and vacuum floor registers/supply air grills
    • Clean and vacuum return air grills

    Summertime Tests

    • Water hardness
    • Humidity level

    Summertime Inspections

    • HVAC air ducts and hoses
    • Foundation
    • Gutters, downspouts, eaves and fascia
    • HVAC connections, drains, temperature settings, air ducts, valves and refrigerant levels
    • Bathroom caulking and seals
    • Refrigerator and freezer door seals and gaskets
    • Water heater temperature pressure release, anode rod, fittings, base, valves and pipe insulation
    • Laundry water hoses
    • Exterior door seals and weather stripping
    • Sewer backflow preventer

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  • Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

    DIY Checklist

    Are you a DIYer? Download our Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist!

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