• Year-Round Services Overview


    Our home maintenance plans are designed to inspect, service and maintain your whole home, all year-round.

  • Are you a proactive homeowner wanting to prevent problems before they happen? Our annual home maintenance plans include hundreds of different task, tests and inspections to ensure your home is always functioning optimally.

  • Areas We Cover

    Heating & Cooling

    Furnace, AC & Ventilation

    Appliances & Laundry

    Kitchen, Washer & Dryer

    Structural Components

    Foundation, Walls & Floors

    Interior Finishings

    Doors, Cabinets & Windows

    Exterior Finishings

    Cladding, Roof & Decking

    External Vents & Systems

    Water Lines, Vents & Seals

    Garage & Landscape

    Doors, Rails and Water Flow

    Detectors & Safety

    Smoke, CO2 & Electrical

  • Ready for year-round home maintenance made easy?

  • How We Work


    Scheduling & Communication

    No need for multiple service providers. We're your single point of contact! Our best-in-class home maintenance app, the HomeKeep Hub, makes scheduling service, communicating with our team and organizing your home's maintenance and records a breeze.


    Home Cataloging

    We'll do a complete inventory of your home's products and systems. You'll receive a comprehensive digital profile of your entire home.


    Product Registration

    Our team and technology will automatically register all your major home appliances to ensure you receive full manufacturer warranty coverage, recall notifications and electronic product manuals and information.


    Year-Round Preventative Maintenance

    This is where our real value comes in! We will visit your home seasonally, four times per year, to perform more than 100 different preventative care tasks, test and inspections. Replacement of all consumable products is covered in the cost of our plans (e.g. air filters, water filters, water softeners, etc.)


    Permanent Record Keeping & Reports

    You comprehensive maintenance history and ongoing service appointments are meticulously documented, and easily accessible, through your mobile phone.

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    Summertime Home Services



    Fall Home Services



    Wintertime Home Services



  • Services Detail

    Our year-round maintenance visits include hundreds of critical Tasks, Tests and Inspections to ensure your entire home stays in tip-top condition.



    Heating, Venting & Air Conditioning
    • Clean HVAC condensation drains

    • Clean air conditioners condenser units

    • Clean HVAC cooling coils

    • Clean HVAC drain lines

    • Clean HVAC drain pans

    • Clean HVAC evaporator coils

    • Clean HVAC fans, grills and duct ends

    • Adjust furnace belts

    • Lubricate HVAC motors

    • Change and/or clean furnace filter

    • Clean radiators


    • Clean dryer lint trap and lint screen

    • Clean laundry exhaust vents, vent pipes and caps
    • Clean and/or replace washing machine filter
    Water Softeners
    • Clean water softener brine tank
    • Fill water softener brine tank with salt
    • Clean salt bridges from water softener
    • Change and/or clean refrigerator freshness filters
    • Change and/or clean refrigerator water filters
    • Change and/or clean reverse osmosis and/or other specialized water filters
    • Clean dishwasher door seals and spray arms
    • Clean dishwasher filters
    • Clean refrigerator condenser coils
    • Clean garbage disposals
    • Clean gas range burner ignitions and gas holes
    • Clean electric range element connections
    • Clean and/or change range hood filters and fans
    Water Heater
    • Drain and/or flush hot water heater(s)


    Detectors & Safety
    • Replace batteries and in smoke detectors


    • Exercise electrical breakers


    Seasonal Updates
    • Change ceiling fan to proper seasonal direction
    • Cover air conditioning unit
    • Disconnect hoses, water, and turn-off shutoffs and drain lines for exterior lines
    • Install storm windows
    Air Health & Humidity
    • Clean heat exchange and/or air-to-air exchanger core

    • Lubricate HRV / ERV / air-to-air fans
    • Change and/or clean HRV systems and components
    • Change and/or clean humidifier panel and/or filter
    • Clean and vacuum bathroom exhaust fan grills
    • Clean and vacuum floor registers/supply air grills
    • Clean and vacuum return air grills
    Sump Pump
    • Clean sump pump inlet screen and sump


    Plumbing & Ventilation
    • Clean and/or clear sink drains
    • Clean and/or clear faucet aerators
    • Remove calcium build-up around faucets
    • Exercise main water shut-off for home and individual water shut-offs to plumbing fixtures

    Doors, Cabinets & Windows
    • Lubricate and adjust window hinges

    • Lubricate and align cabinet doors

    • Clean and lubricate sliding door tracks

    • Remove and clean window screens

    • Wash internal and external windows and glass doors

    • Caulk and/or seal countertops, baseboards, casings and trim

    • Clean fireplace glass, debris, pilots and burners

    • Clean external weep holes

    • Tighten and lubricate garage door rails, hinges and roller wheels
    External Vents & Systems
    • Caulk and/or seal exterior vents and ducts
  • Tests

    • Humidity level
    • Water Hardness
    • Carbon monoxide detector
    • Radon detector and remediation system level
    • Smoke detector
    • GFCI and/or GFI receptacles
  • Inspections


    • Bathroom caulking and seals
    • HVAC Air ducts and hoses
    • HVAC connections, drains, temperature settings, air ducts, valves and refrigerant levels
    • Interior door thresholds, latches and operation
    • Laundry water hoses
    • Refrigerator and freezer door seals and gaskets
    • Drywall barrier attic security and attic service door(s)
    • Fire extinguishers and pressure
    • Fireplace pilot, burners, refractory panels and/or brick facades and seals
    • Salt level and gasket
    • Sewer backflow preventer
    • Sump pump
    • Water heater temperature pressure release, anode rod, fittings, base, valves and pipe insulation
    • Water hoses for kinks, cracks, leaks, bulges or frays
    • Water softener salt level and gasket
    • Decking boards, railings, stairs and associated parts and components
    • Driveway, flatwork, patios and pavers
    • Exterior door seals and weather stripping
    • Exterior door thresholds, latches and operation
    • Exterior vents, ducts, caulk and/or seals
    • Foundation
    • Retaining walls, flow of swales, culvert and drainage inlets and/or outlets
    • Roof, flashings and membrane
    • Window seals, screens and weather stripping
    • Exterior Cladding
    • Gutters, downspouts, eaves and fascia
  • Ready to relax with the peace of mind that your home is functioning at its best all year long?

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