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    Forget the old way of maintaining your home. You are on your way to year-round home maintenance made easy!

    The better way!

    Annual Plans

    per month*


    All plans include:

    • Year-round maintenance service

    • Home cataloging appointment

    • Product warranty registration

    • Preventative inspections

    • Cost of all consumables

    * Exact pricing will be determined based on the size of your home and the specific plan options you select at checkout.
    Stop doing things the old way!
    Individual services and deferred maintenance add up quickly!
    • Gutter cleaning - $400
    • Air vent cleaning - $300
    • Lint trap cleaning - $300
    • Furnace service - $250
    • Plumbing repairs - $500
    • Sump pump service - $300
    • Filter replacements - $100
    • Deferred maintenance - $$$
    There's a better way!
    Sign-up for the homekeep annual plan today!
  • What's Included?

    Our annual service plans are carefully designed to inspect, service, maintain your entire home, all year-round. We also create a comprehensive and convenient digital inventory and service record of your home's systems.
  • 1) Home Cataloging

    Complete inventory of your home's products and systems. Creation of a comprehensive digital profile of your home, readily accessible through our mobile app. We complete this on our first visit to your home.

    2) Product Registration

    Registration of all major home products and appliances to ensure you receive full manufacturer warranty coverage, recall notifications and product manuals.

    3) Year-Round Home Maintenance

    Comprehensive, year-round preventative home maintenance. We will visit your home seasonally, four times per year, performing hundreds of critical tasks, tests and inspections, all of which will be permanently documented for you in our mobile app.

    4) Preventative Inspections

    Preventative care inspections and reports giving you peace of mind that your home is in tip-top condition. No more surprise breakdowns and repairs bills!

    5) Cost of Consumables

    The cost of all consumable products, including air filters, water filters, water softeners, humidifier panels and other replaceable products associated with best practice preventative maintenance.

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