• HomeKeep™ Home Maintenance Services

    Home Maintenance

    Made Easy

    Our top-rated, year-round seasonal subscription plans make caring for your home a breeze.


  • What We Do

    We ensure your entire home stays in top condition year-round through our budget-friendly, worry-free subscription home maintenance plans.

  • Home Maintenance Services For Your Entire Home
    Whole Home Care

    We maintain and service all major home systems and components.

    Year-Round Home Maintenance Services
    Year-Round Service

    Our preventative maintenance plans provide all-season care & coverage.

    Home Maintenance Record Keeping
    Organizational Ease

    Our HomeKeep Hub app keeps all your home's service records in a single spot.

  • Who We Help

    Home Owners

    Enjoy a happy, healthy home without the hassles, headaches and high costs associated with maintenance and upkeep.


    Eliminate surprise service calls and improve the overall ROI of your rental property.

    Real Estate Industry Pros

    Provide your clients a unique, value-added service they will truly appreciate and remember.

  • We take care of hundreds of critical home maintenance tasks, year-round, carefully documenting everything for your permanent, easy-to-access records.

  • Low Monthly Home Maintenance Cost
    Save Money

    With one low, predictable monthly cost, you stay on top of all your home maintenance needs year-round. No more surprise repairs or expensive, individual service bills!

    Find Home Maintenance Service Providers
    Save Time

    No more guesswork trying to find, qualify and schedule individual service providers.

    Year-round Home Maintenance Peace of Mind
    Automated Reminders

    No more worrying about what to do when! Our best-in-class home maintenance will remind you when to schedule services.

    Top Rated Home Services Experts
    Trusted Pros

    Our service pros are top-rated home maintenance experts and specialists.

    Home Maintenance Record Keeping
    Organization & Simplification

    No more hunting for receipts, service orders or warranty information. All of your home maintenance records and product information are in one, easy-to-access spot.

    Year-round Home Maintenance Peace of Mind
    Protect Your Biggest Investment

    Our regular, preventative care helps avoid costly problems and maximize your home's value.

    Year-round Home Maintenance Peace of Mind
    Peace of Mind

    You can relax knowing that you've made a great decision. Your comprehensive home maintenance plan is in great hands, season-by-season.

  • HomeKeep™ Home Maintenance App Screens

    Best-in-Class Mobile Experience

    Imagine having all of your home records in one spot. Want instant access to all of your home appliance warranty information with the press of a button?  See our best-in-class home maintenance app, the HomeKeep Hub.


    HomeKeep™ Mobile Home Services

    Top-Rated Services

    Imagine having a single point of contact for all of your home maintenance needs? Read about our innovative approach to whole home maintenance and learn more about what's included in our plans.

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