• Fall Home Maintenance Services

    Fall Home Maintenance Checklist


    Our annual service plans include the following comprehensive list of recommended autumn tasks, tests and inspections for your home.

  • Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

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  • Fall Tasks

    • Adjust furnace belts
    • Caulk and/or seal countertops, baseboards, casings and trim
    • Caulk and/or seal exterior vents and ducts
    • Change ceiling fan to proper seasonal direction
    • Change and/or clean HRV systems and components
    • Change and/or clean furnace filter
    • Clean air conditioner(s) condenser unit(s)
    • Clean water softener brine tank
    • Clean fireplace glass, debris, pilots and burners
    • Clean heat exchange and/or air-to-air exchanger core
    • Clean dryer lint trap and lint screen
    • Clean salt bridges from water softener
    • Change and/or clean washing machine filter
    • Disconnect hoses, water, and turn-off shutoffs and drain lines for exterior lines
    • Cover air conditioning unit
    • Drain and/or flush hot water heater(s)
    • Exercise main water shut-off for home and individual water shut-offs to plumbing fixtures
    • Fill water softener brine tank with salt
    • Install storm windows
    • Lubricate HVAC motor(s)
    • Replace batteries and in smoke detectors

    Fall Tests

    • Humidity level
    • Water hardness
    • Carbon monoxide detector
    • Radon detector and remediation system level
    • Smoke detector

    Fall Inspections

    • HVAC air ducts and hoses
    • Driveway, flatwork, patios and pavers
    • Fire extinguishers and pressure
    • Fireplace pilot, burners, refractory panels and/or brick facades and seals
    • Decking boards, railings, stairs and associated parts and components
    • Refrigerator and freezer door seals and gaskets
    • Retaining walls, flow of swales, culvert and drainage inlets and/or outlets
    • Water softener salt level and gasket
    • Sump pump
    • Water heater temperature pressure release, anode rod, fittings, base, valves and pipe insulation
    • Laundry water hoses
    • Exterior door thresholds, latches and operation
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  • Ultimate Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

    DIY Checklist

    Are you a DIYer? Download our Ultimate Fall Home Maintenance Checklist!

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